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Easter Egg Mobile – Collage

Easter egg collage to create an egg mobile

The children were given an oval shaped piece of coloured card. Older learners can do their own cutting to cut them out.

I cut several strips of coloured paper using ‘zig-zag’ scissors (inexpensive to buy from supermarkets and stationary shops)

I set out a variety of collage materials including pieces of shiny paper, glitter, pom poms, coloured sucker sticks, wooden beads, coloured matchsticks and coloured pipe cleaners. Any collage material will be effective.

The children collaged their eggs.

Some chose to create a face on their easter egg.

I dispalyed them as a mobile hanging off a plastic coathanger. I secured two eggs together so the mobile was attractive from both sides.

A different collage idea – using craft double-sided tape.

 The children were given small pieces of the double sided tape to adhere to their egg shaped coloured card.

Once several pieces were secured, the children pulled off the top paper to expose the sticky tape underneath. (Great for fine motor)  They sprinkled shiny paper confetti pieces onto the sticky tape and created shiny eggs. Some children chose to stick small coloured foam shapes to their eggs too (blue flower). These foam shapes also come in bunny shapes and Easter egg shapes.

TIP: I tried this with the 2- 31/2 year olds. They did manage, but you will need to keep the group small. I think it would be a really good activity for the older age group. I also kept the tape safely in my hands, otherwise little fingers just love to pull off lots of long pieces which get muddled up and stuck to everything except  the paper!

My body (face)
Shapes: Oval
Farm animals – eggs (add crushed egg shells as your main collage material)


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Easter eggs – creative activity using bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

The 2- 3 1/2 year olds really enjoyed making these Easter eggs, but the older age group would enjoy it just as much.  There is a bit of preparation for the teacher before the lesson, but the end result is well worth the time and effort.

Preparation: Ahead of time, teacher or mom needs to cut out a coloured cardboard oval shaped frame and staple a piece of bubble wrap to the frame. (Egg shape templates are available in the Easter theme book)

Hint: It was a lot easier to cut a piece of bubble wrap larger than the egg frame, staple the bubble wrap to the frame in several places and then cut off the excess bubble wrap.

Painting: The children painted the bubble wrap (and some frames too!) Adding a squirt of dishwashing liquid helps the paint to adhere to the plastic and makes clean up easier.

Some children only wanted to pop the ‘bubbles’ but with some encouragement and a promise of a spare piece to pop once the egg was painted, all the children painted an egg for the display.

Group display

Some of the eggs were dispayed in baskets.When the eggs are displayed on a window with the light behind them, they look translucent.

Hanging the eggs as a mobile will also be effective.

Making the basket

Group activity: To make the basket, I set out some tyre track painting. We used small cars with brown paint and the children dipped the car tyres into the paint, rolled the cars over several large pieces of paper and created the ‘basket weave’ effect for the basket.

Once dry, I cut out several baskets and displayed the eggs in the baskets.

For the final display we added some of the Easter chicks around the basket.

Happy Easter.

Easter bunny ears – head bands

Easter bunny ears

These bunny ears were made by the children to wear on our Easter dress up day.

The full instructions for making these Easter bunny ears can be found in the Easter theme manual. The picture is self explanatory.

Rhymes and songs to use with the bunny ears

Let the learners all make some bunny ear head bands and wear them when saying and dramatising some of these Easter rhymes and songs:

Rhyme/ song: See the little bunnies sleeping (click on this link to hear the tune and song)
See the little bunnies sleeping till it’s nearly noon
Come and let us gently wake them with a merry tune
Oh how still, are they ill, wake up soon
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop

Shorter, Easier To Learn Version
See the little bunnies sleeping
Till its nearly noon
Come and let us gently wake them  with a merry tune
They’re so still, are they ill?
Wake up soon.
Hop little bunnies hop, hop, hop.
Hop little bunnies hop, hop, hop.

Baby bounces high
Baby bunny bounces high (Jump high)
Baby bunny bounces low (Jump low)
Baby bunny blinks his eyes (Blink eyes)
Baby Bunny waves good-bye (Waves)

Mrs Bunny twitches her nose
Mrs Bunny looks funny when she twitches her nose, (Twitch nose)
Mrs Bunny looks funny when she wriggles her toes, (Wriggle toes)
She’s got two floppy ears and two big feet, (Use hands for ears and show feet)
I love Mrs Bunny ‘cos she’s so neat. (Arms around and hug body)
Mrs Bunny stretches. (Stretch)
Mrs Bunny flops. (Flop)
Mrs Bunny hops and hops and hops and
Mrs Bunny hops and stops. (Hop and then hold up hands to show stop and stop hopping!)

Hop little rabbit
Hop, little rabbit, hop, hop, hop,
Hop, little rabbit, don’t you stop.
Hop, little rabbit, one, two, three.
Hop, little rabbit, hop to me.

Winter tree collage – creative activity

Winter tree collage (ideal for the backdrop of your winter theme table)

To make this winter tree I set out several long pieces of hessian cloth, but paper or large flattend cardboard boxes will be effective too.

The children painted the hesian with glue mixed with brown powder paint.

They added  some leaves (crush them as it helps them to stick), twigs and sand to the wet ‘paint and glue”. Dried tea leaves and dried crushed egg shells will add more texture.

Once the hessian was dry I cut out some tree trunks and branches and attached them in a winter tree outline. As you can see from the picture, most of the collage material fell off when it dried, but nevertheless it was a great sensory activity with all the textures. I suggest you use extra glue when pasting the collage material. If you teach where you have snow in the winter, add some cotton wool snow hanging from the bare branches.line on our large classroom pin board.

In another lesson the children painted some real brown Autumn leaves with autumn coloured paint and we attached them with some grass to the base of the tree.

This activity is suitable for the following themes:

  • Trees and wood
  • Colours – brown
  • Birds – add a nest

Easter chick – creative activity

Easter chick – Cut and paste

For the wings:

  •  let the learners trace their hands and colour or
  • collage the wings – small feathers would be effective- or
  • use cut- out hand prints.

This activity can be applied to other themes.

Some suggestions are:

  • Farm animals – chickens
  • Easter
  • Colours – yellow
  • Shapes – oval
  • Birds – domestic birds

Group display

Display the chicks on a window. The children helped to paint the grass. Add some painted Easter eggs in the grass for fun.


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