Bubble wrap painting

Themes:Colours, Hands, Senses, Caring for our world

So often you receive parcels wrapped in large sheets of bubble wrap. I have a ‘well trained’ family and they all collect waste for me to use at preschool. So when my daughter gave me two large sheets of bubble wrap I thought I would put them out and allow the children to enjoy popping all the bubbles. This is a great fine motor activity and kept several children happy for some time.

I used the second piece and secured it to cover a small table. I set out paints for the children to enjoy painting over the bubbles which was a different sensory surface. Soon the colours mixed and they created new colours.

All was going well until I had too many children wanting to paint.
So I covered a second table with the other piece of bubble wrap and thats when “it got a bit out of hand” but it was a fantastic messy sensory hand painting activity. I poured some paint onto the bubble wrap (that’s when they abandoned the paint brushes) and spread the paint liberally until they had completely covered the bubble wrap in paint. They developed the large muscles as they used big sweeping hand and arm movement to spread the paint over the bubbly textured surface.

In the process of cleaning up I did have several younger children decide to hand print a few surfaces enroute to the bathroom!
Best done outside
• Roll up sleeves before you start
• Have a bucket of water and a towel close by so they don’t have to go indoors to wash
• Take a deep breath and let the children enjoy making a mess.
• I would dry the bubble wrap and use it for a backdrop to some autumn leaves. • Use green and blue paint and cut out a big round earth for the theme caring for our environment and recycling

CAPS Outcomes
Subject: Life Skills
Study area: Creative arts
Create in 2D
• Variation of paper size and format: encourage working in different scales

Subject: Home language Skills:
• Uses a range of writing tools e.g. paint brushes, wax crayons etc.
• Develops eye- hand co-ordination through play e.g. painting
• Develops small muscles skills through finger play, e.g. popping bubbles on bubble wrap


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