Autumn leaves – glitter on natural leaves



Glittered leaves using real leaves

You will need:
Real autumn leaves – large is better
Glue – I colour mine with paint
Sponges in pegs or paint brushes
Glitter – gold and red and glitter shakers
Tray to collect the excess glitter
DSCN7336 DSCN7330 DSCN7339  DSCN7331

I set out glue and glue brushes and real autumn leaves. The children dabbed on coloured glue and sprinkled the leaves with green and gold glitter. The excess glitter was tipped off onto a flat tray. I did not write the children’s names as the leaves were attached to a group autumn tree.



Glitter is messy so work in an area that is easy to clean up
Supervise closely – children like to play with glitter and use plenty of it! And spread it everywhere!!
Having a few flat trays helps contain the glitter mess
Allow the children to create freely without being too prescriptive
Glitter shakers help with sprinkling the glitter
This is an excellent activity for the younger children but ration out the glitter to them in small cups

Once dry attach to a group Autumn tree trunk ( see previous blogs)

Themes: Autumn, Trees and wood








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