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Winter tree collage – creative activity

Winter tree collage (ideal for the backdrop of your winter theme table)

To make this winter tree I set out several long pieces of hessian cloth, but paper or large flattend cardboard boxes will be effective too.

The children painted the hesian with glue mixed with brown powder paint.

They added  some leaves (crush them as it helps them to stick), twigs and sand to the wet ‘paint and glue”. Dried tea leaves and dried crushed egg shells will add more texture.

Once the hessian was dry I cut out some tree trunks and branches and attached them in a winter tree outline. As you can see from the picture, most of the collage material fell off when it dried, but nevertheless it was a great sensory activity with all the textures. I suggest you use extra glue when pasting the collage material. If you teach where you have snow in the winter, add some cotton wool snow hanging from the bare branches.line on our large classroom pin board.

In another lesson the children painted some real brown Autumn leaves with autumn coloured paint and we attached them with some grass to the base of the tree.

This activity is suitable for the following themes:

  • Trees and wood
  • Colours – brown
  • Birds – add a nest

Easter chick – creative activity

Easter chick – Cut and paste

For the wings:

  •  let the learners trace their hands and colour or
  • collage the wings – small feathers would be effective- or
  • use cut- out hand prints.

This activity can be applied to other themes.

Some suggestions are:

  • Farm animals – chickens
  • Easter
  • Colours – yellow
  • Shapes – oval
  • Birds – domestic birds

Group display

Display the chicks on a window. The children helped to paint the grass. Add some painted Easter eggs in the grass for fun.