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Autumn leaves – painting/printing

Autumn leaves – hand traced and sponge painted to be used for a group tree display

DSCN7162   DSCN7324

You will need:
A4 white paper
Black koki pen or wax crayon
Red and yellow paint
Sponges in pegs or sponge dobbers


To start off trace around each child’s hand using a koki pen or black wax crayon. You need a dark outline as the children will paint over the edges. Ask the child to spread their fingers apart and instead of creating a rounded finger tip make sharp points to create a hand-shaped leaf outline. Trace two hands on each page.DSCN7156

The children print the outline using the sponge dobbers or sponges in pegs. Encourage the children to print over the layers of colour to create orange. Continue until the outline is well covered with colour.




Once the painting is dry, teacher cuts out the leaves. Some children may manage to do this but it is quite difficult for the children to cut on their own.



Some children chose to paint with the sponges rather than print which was still effective
Remind the children to print in the leaf shape
This activity works well with the younger age group but let them print the paper first and when dry trace their hands onto the painting and cut out
Display as a group tree collage
Some children chose to only use one colour
Some of the children chose to trace their own hands. Although they had rounded fingers, the leaves were still effective.

Complement the tree with glittered real leaves – see blogs – glittered autumn leaves and creating the tree trunk using a variety of brushes to paint with.

Autumn, Leaves, Colours, Trees and wood, Hands, Summer using greens instead of autumn colours, Fire – use the technique to create flames

CAPS Outcomes

Subject: Life Skills
Study area: Creative arts
Create in 2D
• Fine-motor and sensory co-ordination: (eye-hand-mind) manipulation of scissors and other tools and equipment.
• Drawing and painting using the week’s topic
• Painting: use pre-mixed tempera paint or coloured inks or dyes in primary and secondary colours to respond to the week’s topic
• Simple printmaking techniques to create informal pattern
• Draw and give own interpretation to drawings using the week’s topic using wax crayon, oil pastels and other drawing media
• Art elements: informal experience and use of shape in drawing and painting

Subject: Languages (Home)
Skill: Handwriting
• Develops small muscles and fine motor control skills
• Develops eye- hand co-ordination through play e.g. drawing and painting




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