Pre-School Theme Manuals

Karin Stedall is the author of Pre-School Themes, a series of theme manuals designed to make planning and preparation easy for pre-school teachers.

Each theme manual contains lessons and activities for the 3-6 year olds which are aligned to the subjects and content, concepts and skills for the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) with integration for Grade R.

Each of the 38 theme books contains all the lesson plans, activities, creative activities with diagrams, templates, rhymes and songs and resources that you will need to bring the theme alive in your classroom.

An added advantage is that these books are written for the South African market so the many cultures and traditions are honoured.

Each theme book contains the following:

  • Concepts
  • Theme table ideas
  • Theme table heading and words
  • A weekly lesson planning grid
  • A weekly play area planning grid
  • Templates and pictures
  • Educational toys and resources to make
  • Each lesson is written out in full listing the requirements you need for each activity and how to present the lesson or activity
  • Each theme includes language discussions, creative activities, music and movement, rhymes and songs, drama, games, mathematics and stories.
  • Each lesson is linked to the outcomes for the Grade R teachers with integration

For more information on the theme manuals available and to browse a book, visit the Pre-School Themes website.