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Under and over strip paper construction

Under and Over Paper strip  constructionDSCN6248   Themes: Under the ground, opposites, colours

You will need:
Base paper
Strips of coloured paper about 1.5 cm wide and in varying lengths
Glue and glue brushes
I did this activity with the 4-6 year olds. I would not present this activity to the 3 year olds. Most of them were able to get the hang of it after some guidance. The end product was pleasing. Some children chose to use one colour only while others enjoyed changing the length of the strips.

I showed the children how to fold each end of the paper strip over, paste some glue to the one  folded section and then position the strip on the base paper. DSCN6233
More glue was attached to the other end and attached to the base paper creating an arch. I suggested the children hold the paper strip with their finger for a sort while to be sure its secured.
The children continued adding strips going over and under the strips they had already pasted to the base paper.
Once completed you need to dry the construction flat.

CAPS outcomes
Subjects, study areas, skills, content and integration
Life Skills   Study area: Creative arts

Create in 2D
• Variation of paper size and format: encourage working in different scales

Create in 3D (constructing)
• Fine-motor and sensory co-ordination: (eye-hand-mind) manipulation of scissors and other tools and equipment.
• Craft skills and techniques: cutting, pasting, tearing
• Create freely using a range of materials: paper strips
• Encourage development of skills through manipulation of the materials

Integration: Subject: Home language
Skill: Handwriting
•  Develops eye- hand co-ordination through play e.g. drawing and painting