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Tree trunk for group collage – painting with a variety of brushes




Tree trunk – painted with a variety of brushes


You will need:
Long piece of corrugated or brown cardboard
Brown paint – some mixed with white to lighten it and some with a splash of black to darken it
Brushes – large and small paint brushes including cheap house painting brushes, dishwashing brushes, toothbrushes and what ever you have
Flat paint containers
DSCN7248 DSCN7250 DSCN7242 DSCN7240

I placed the long rectangle of corrugated cardboard on the table and invited the children to all paint the cardboard using a variety of brushes and tones of brown paint. Its best to place the paint in a flat container. The children loved painting and experimenting with a variety of brushes. Once the painting was complete and dry we used the cardboard to create the tree trunk and branches of a tree. Autumn leaves were added to tree (summer if its a summer theme)

DSCN7262DSCN7255  DSCN7260 DSCN7322

This is an ideal activity for the younger children as the cardboard can withstand lots of paint
If you don’t have cardboard use A4 paper and join it together to create the branches and trunk
Newspaper is not ideal as it will get soggy and holey!
The cardboard soaks up quite a bit of paint so mix enough
Sawdust and wood shavings will be very effective. Add glue to the paint if using them

Themes: Autumn, Summer, Trees and wood, Brushes

CAPS Outcomes

Subject: Life Skills
Study area: Creative arts
Create in 2D
• Working in different formats and paper sizes and brushes of different sizes to work with increased detail
• Drawing and painting using the week’s topic
Variation of paper size and format: encourage working in different scales

Integration: Subject: Languages (Home)
Skill: Handwriting
• Develops small muscles and fine motor control skills
• Develops eye- hand co-ordination through play e.g. drawing and painting









Winter theme table display – winter clothes

Here is a simple but effective display to use on your winter theme table.
The clothes were photocopied but it would be just as effective to use real clothes.
Label the clothes to encourage emergent reading and literacy.

Add snowflakes and other art activities around the clothes.
Themes: Winter, Clothes, Myself

Winter tree collage – creative activity

Winter tree collage (ideal for the backdrop of your winter theme table)

To make this winter tree I set out several long pieces of hessian cloth, but paper or large flattend cardboard boxes will be effective too.

The children painted the hesian with glue mixed with brown powder paint.

They added  some leaves (crush them as it helps them to stick), twigs and sand to the wet ‘paint and glue”. Dried tea leaves and dried crushed egg shells will add more texture.

Once the hessian was dry I cut out some tree trunks and branches and attached them in a winter tree outline. As you can see from the picture, most of the collage material fell off when it dried, but nevertheless it was a great sensory activity with all the textures. I suggest you use extra glue when pasting the collage material. If you teach where you have snow in the winter, add some cotton wool snow hanging from the bare branches.line on our large classroom pin board.

In another lesson the children painted some real brown Autumn leaves with autumn coloured paint and we attached them with some grass to the base of the tree.

This activity is suitable for the following themes:

  • Trees and wood
  • Colours – brown
  • Birds – add a nest